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Autumn Tour

2022 is still uncertain but we are hoping to be able to tour again this year
We are also launching our first audio play in the coming weeks. For details of this audio play read below

Nothing to Declare
[Advanced or Intermediate]

‘I have nothing to declare but my own genius!’


In 1882, an Irishman like no other arrived at New York Harbour. Oscar Wilde was 27, hadn’t written a word of his important work, but he was determined to ‘declare his own genius’ to America – whether that made him famous or infamous! Travelling across a country still recovering from the Civil War, Oscar met cowboys, conmen, miners, Mormons, poets, professors, suffragists, former slaves, and the ex-Presidents of both the North and South. Oscar came to America to talk about himself, but some of what he saw would leave him speechless...


A hilarious, rollicking road-trip through the USA, Nothing to Declare is based on historical research of Wilde’s year-long lecture tour of America. Intended as an introduction to Irish literature in a fresh context, Nothing to Declare asks questions about migration, the media, fame-seeking ‘influencers’, and Ireland’s relationship to the United States. Students will be introduced to Wilde’s life and work, and also to the Scotch-Irish roots of American folk music. Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced audiences.


Written and Directed by Chris Moran

Performances by Síofra Ní Éili Duggan, Vincent Moran, and Chris Moran

Sound Design and Composition by David Lee

Original Music by Aidan Keane


Nothing to Declare was supported by a Wicklow County Council Artist Award


As with all Wilde Shamrock shows, Nothing to Declare will include Resource Packs with background information and resources for further learning.

We Also Offer

Theatre Workshops


If your group is looking to get more involved in one of our shows, Wilde Shamrock provides a fully interactive Theatrical workshop. Introducing games and activities that will have the whole group participating, guided by our professional actors.

Post show chats

 We provide an opportunity to book a questions and answers session after our shows, within the theatre space or even in a classroom environment. A great opportunity for students to test their English and practice conversational skills with a native speaker.

To book simply mail us at

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