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Autumn Tour

Having returned to the road with two very successful tours in the Autumn of 2023 and Spring 2024, we are delighted to announce our tour and schedule for the Autumn of 2024. Offering two shows for different levels, we are looking forward to bringing our shows to the continent once more. See you in the Autumn. 


Have youever dreamed of a device that can make your life better in every way. Boost your self esteem, make friends and even find love. Well the SQ-ware is everything you could want and more. Join us while we sell you a product that you can't resist. 

SQ-ware takes a funny and critical look at social media and how it is affecting our lives. Watch our team sell you a product while pointing out why we need to be a lot more cautious. 

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Unknown Irish
Intermediate and beginners

Did you know that "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" was written by an Irish man. The "Unknown Irish" takes a look at three famous pieces of writing that some students might be surprised to realise that they were written by the Irish. 

Join us in a celebration of the Unknown Irish. Suitable for an intermediate level of English but can be adapted for a beginner level too. 


 Autumn Tour 2024 Schedule








30th Sept - 4th Oct      Bayreuth

7th  - 11th Oct              Wurzburg/Schweinfurt    

14th - 18th Oct             Deggendorf/Regensburg

21st - 25th Oct              Munich and surrounds

28thOct - 01st Nov       Hessen/Switzerland

04th - 08th Nov             Baden Wurtemburg/Bayern

11th - 15th Nov             Niedersachsen


18th - 22nd Nov            Niedersachsen/Nordrhein                                                    Westfalen

25thNov - 29th Dec       Bremen/Bremerhaven 

A second group will also be touring. If your region is not included on the itinerary, contact us and we will arrange a group to perform at your venue

We Also Offer

Theatre Workshops


If your group is looking to get more involved in one of our shows, Wilde Shamrock provides a fully interactive Theatrical workshop. Introducing games and activities that will have the whole group participating, guided by our professional actors.

Post show chats

 We provide an opportunity to book a questions and answers session after our shows, within the theatre space or even in a classroom environment. A great opportunity for students to test their English and practice conversational skills with a native speaker.

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