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Autumn Tour

After a very challenging two years for everyone, we decided to tour in 2022 but on a very limited basis. We were not sure if the tour would be allowed to go ahead so didn't want to plan a big tour. Thanks to those who took a chance on us and had a show in 2022. We can now confidently look forward to a return to touring in 2023. 

We Also Offer

Theatre Workshops


If your group is looking to get more involved in one of our shows, Wilde Shamrock provides a fully interactive Theatrical workshop. Introducing games and activities that will have the whole group participating, guided by our professional actors.

Post show chats

 We provide an opportunity to book a questions and answers session after our shows, within the theatre space or even in a classroom environment. A great opportunity for students to test their English and practice conversational skills with a native speaker.

Book an Autumn Tour show

To book simply mail us at

or fill out the contact form and answer the following questions:

  • How many shows would you like to book?

  • Which show(s) would you like to book?

  • What are your ideal dates? (Please provide more than one as conflicts may arise)

How to book a show...

Thanks! Message sent.

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