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Autumn Tour


Unfortunately due to Covid 19 restrictions we were unable to travel for our 2020 Spring Tour. Hopefully we will be back on the road soon when things are safer. We next hope to tour in Autumn of 2021. Stay safe everyone.


Have you ever had a conversation with someone who seemed far more interested in their telephone than talking with you?  In a world addicted to smartphones, laptops and that Alexa thingy, can we save our children? Wilde Shamrock has the answer: the SQ-ware, an incredible new piece of technology. The only limitation is your own imagination…and our sniper on the roof.

A hilarious satire about online addiction, social media and our relationship with technology. With original music (and even a dance)

sqware poster.jpg
Classics Through the Ages

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions in the world. Every movie, song, television show or book is created using the same basic structures of storytelling. “Classics Through the Ages” takes a look at some of the greatest stories of all time. From 16th century classics, fairy tales from the 19th century right up to 21st century blockbusters. ‘Through the Ages’ refers to writers who wrote in different times of History but also looks at writers who wrote for all different age levels.

Mythological Magic

Irish Mythology. Leprechauns are the most famous of our fairies but the image that people have of the Leprechaun is made up by an American image of the ‘Lucky Charms’ Leprechaun. He is actually the ‘Con-Man’ of the Irish fairy world. We look at him and many of his lesser known relatives in Ireland’s fairy world. We also look at some of Ireland’s oldest and most ancient Mythological stories. About a vicious tribe known as ‘Na Fianna’, the defenders of Ireland. Combine all this with plenty of music and interaction. A great time in store.

We Also Offer

Theatre Workshops


If your group is looking to get more involved in one of our shows, Wilde Shamrock provides a fully interactive Theatrical workshop. Introducing games and activities that will have the whole group participating, guided by our professional actors.

Post show chats

 We provide an opportunity to book a questions and answers session after our shows, within the theatre space or even in a classroom environment. A great opportunity for students to test their English and practice conversational skills with a native speaker.

Spring Tour 2020 Itinerary

• Monday 23/03  - Friday 27/03  :  Niedersachsen

• Monday 30/03 - Friday 03/04  :  Bayern and Switzerland

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To book simply mail us at

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