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Autumn Tour

We returned to the road with two of our most popular shows from over the years. One for the advance/intermediate groups and another for beginners. 
Spring of 2024 was a wonderful tour. Thanks so much to all our old and the many new venues we visit. New shows on offer for the Autumn of 2024

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

A look at the life and times of possibly the most famous author ever to take a pen in his hand. We bring you back a time when London became a prosperous European city where arts and culture thrived. We look at the political, social and artistic influences that helped to make Shakespeare the artist he was. Although, we look at the circumstances and tell the story as Shakespeare never imagined it would be told: (Don’t worry students, you will love it!)

Life and Times of William Shakespeare_edited.jpg

This year we will be concentrating on making two of our shows the best that they can be. As a result we will not offer a separate intermediate show, rather we will adapt either our advanced show or our beginners show so that they will be more appropriate for an intermediate audience. When booking, simply let us know what standard you would like us to play for and we will adjust the shows accordingly...

Mythological Magic

Irish Mythology. Leprechauns are the most famous of our fairies but the image that people have of the Leprechaun is not true. He is actually the ‘Con-Man’ of the Irish fairy world. We look at him and many of his lesser known relatives. We also take a look at William Butler Yeats who was a famous Irish Writer who believed in the fairy world and also tried regularly to contact the dead. Combine all this with plenty of music and interaction. A great time in store.

mythological magic poster 19.9.17.jpg

We Also Offer

Theatre Workshops


If your group is looking to get more involved in one of our shows, Wilde Shamrock provides a fully interactive Theatrical workshop. Introducing games and activities that will have the whole group participating, guided by our professional actors.

Post show chats

 We provide an opportunity to book a questions and answers session after our shows, within the theatre space or even in a classroom environment. A great opportunity for students to test their English and practice conversational skills with a native speaker.

Spring Tour 2024 Itinerary

• Monday 04/03  - Friday 09/03  :  Bayern 

• Monday 11/03 - Friday 15/04  :  Niedersachsen

   Monday 18th - Friday 23/03    :   Bayern + Baden Wurtemberg

Book an Autumn Tour show

To book simply mail us at

or fill out the contact form and answer the following questions:

  • How many shows would you like to book?

  • Which show(s) would you like to book?

  • What are your ideal dates? (Please provide more than one as conflicts may arise)

How to book a show...

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